International Chamber of Commerce of China - Commission on International Arbitration

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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: International Chamber of Commerce of China - Commission on International Arbitration
  • Country: China
  • City: Beijing
  • Type of organization: Chamber of Commerce
  • Date of creation: 1995
  • Interests: Arbitration
  • Fields of expertise: International business disputes

[edit] Description

On November 8, 1994 the 168th Session of the Council of the International Chamber of Commerce approved China’s application for membership and decided to set up a national committee in China. ICC CHINA was founded on January1, 1995.

ICC China's members, state-owned, private or foreign-invested, come from a full spectrum of sectors such as manufacture, trade, finance, transport, insurance, commerce and therefore make the organization truly representative of the Chinese business community.

ICC China represents the interests of businesses operating in China and speaks on their behalf vis-à-vis the Chinese government and intergovernmental organizations, facilitate members' participation in international business activities as well as the discussion and formulation of business practices, usages, rules at international levels.

[edit] Organization

  • Council: The Council is the supreme body of power. It is composed of delegates one from each member and shall convene its regular session once every two years.
  • Board of Directors: The Board of Directors is the executive body of the Council. It is composed of no more than 21 members elected by the Council and shall convene its regular sessions twice every year. The Board is accountable to the Council.
  • Chairman, Vice Chairmen: The Chairman, Vice Chairman are elected by the Board of Directors from among the directors.
  • Secretariat: The Secretariat, under the charge of the Secretary General, handles daily work of the organization.
  • Specialized Commissions: Specialized Commissions are set up to research into subjects relevant to various aspects of international economy and trade, identify and integrate the views of the Chinese business community on related issues and participate in the work of the corresponding specialized commissions of the ICC. 6 commissions have been set up so far, as follows:
  • Commission on Banking Techniques and Practice.
  • Commission on Environment
  • Commission on Commercial Practices and Law
  • Commission on Arbitration
  • Commission on Transportation and Logistics
  • Commission on E-Business

ICC China serves its members by way of convening conferences, seminars, publishing newsletter, organizing visiting delegations to other countries, providing expert opinions on business disputes, providing business information and etc…

[edit] Commission on International Arbitration

Comprised of legal experts and persons in charge of legal affairs in member companies, the commission participates in the work of ICC Arbitration Commission; researches into the problems arising from international arbitration practice; nominates the candidates as arbitrators participating in ICC arbitration; promotes arbitration as a means of setting international business disputes in China.

[edit] Contact

1 Fuxingmenwai Street, Beijing, China, Postcode: 100860

Phone: 86-10-68041275



Official Website

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