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Telephone: 852-2159 9170<br />
Telephone: 852-2159 9170<br />
Email: []<br />
Email: []<br />

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The International Islamic Mediation & Arbitration Centre (IMAC) is an independent international institution established pursuant to resolution by The Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry [1] signed on 31st of July 2008 in Hong Kong and consultation with and The International Chamber of Commerce.


[edit] Objectives

-Conducting mediations and arbitrations;
-Promotion of international commercial arbitration;
-Coordinating the activities of, and offering assistance to, existing arbitration institutions in the region;
-Providing assistance to ad hoc arbitrations, including acting as appointing authority, particularly in cases where they are taking place in accordance with the UNCITRAL Rules;
-Providing assistance in the enforcement of arbitral awards;
-Providing assistance in the settlement of disputes.

[edit] Duties

IMAC’s main duty shall be to organize and be also active in:

-International Commercial Arbitration
-Expert Determination
-Early Neutral Evaluation

[edit] Services

-Arbitration rooms
-Negotiation rooms
-Legal services
-Interpretation and translation
-Secretarial, Fax, copy, etc…
-Internet Access
-Information and Reference Libraries access
-Adjacent to transportation facilities, park, banks and restaurants
-Training, Workshops, Conferences & Seminars

[edit] Contact

Address: 20/F, Central Tower, 28 Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong SAR
Telephone: 852-2159 9170

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