Jean-Louis Lascoux

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Jean-Louis Lascoux

Credit Alain Alorza
Manager of Médiateurs Associés
President of the Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation
References books
(fr)Code of the Mediation 2009
(fr)And you will become a mediator and perhaps philosopher 2008
(fr)Practice of mediation 4° ed.
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Jean-Louis Lascoux is initiator of the Wikimediation. President of the Professional Chamber of mediation and negotiation since June 2007, he directed the training leading to the awarding of CAP'M, under the CPMN.

[edit] Meeting

(fr) Introductory Scientific meetings of the resolution of conflicts, 20 March 2009 in Paris by Jean-Louis Lascoux, president of the CPMN (16min30s).


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