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This is not because the judicial approach is heavy, constraining and charged of disputes that people must resort to mediation. No. This is because of a lack of competent mediators that people choose the judicial system.

Thus, this is not mediation that constitutes an "Alternative approach" to dispute resolution. Mediation is only the continuity of freedom that has allowed the establishment of a contractual relation. Often, before meeting a lawyer, the various parties initiate moves, seek an agreement, ask a third party for support or assistance. But, failing to find the competent mediator, the parties initiate a legal proceeding.

But its remains the popular belief and fixed idea that to start mentioning this topic, it is preferable to say that mediation is an alternative... an approach that brings the parties back on a relationship they had abandoned because of exhaustion, irritation or anger.

"The Mediation Process is to people as Proceedings of the judicial system are to litigants." – Jean-Louis Lascoux

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