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General Information

  • Official name: Leading Edge Alternative Dispute Resolvers
  • Country: Australia
  • City: Sydney
  • Type of organization: Not-for-profit organization
  • Date of creation: 1989
  • Interests: Arbitration - Mediation - Conciliation - Training
  • Fields of expertise: commercial, employment, family and community/neighborhood disputes


Leading Edge Alternative Dispute Resolvers (LEADR) is an Australasian, not-for-profit membership organization formed in 1989 to serve the community by promoting and facilitating the use of dispute resolution processes including mediation.

LEADR accredits mediators and also refers mediators for commercial, employment, family and community/neighborhood disputes. LEADR provides training in a range of dispute resolution areas including mediation from basic skills through to advanced workshops and continuing professional development. These courses are available as public workshops or as in-house customized programs.

LEADR has members throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region including Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Thailand, and Japan. LEADR is loosely affiliated with similar organizations in other countries.


LEADR aims to:

  • Serve the community by promoting and facilitating the development, acceptance and usage of Alternative Dispute Resolution;
  • Promote education and research in ADR;
  • Disseminate information for the benefit of its members and the community;
  • Provide simple and effective access to dispute resolution professionals;
  • Assist organization in developing effective grievance handling procedures;
  • Ensure excellence in the delivery of ADR solutions to our region through training, accreditation and development of a national standard for practitioners.


LEADR's services include:

  • Providing a list on this website of independent mediators and other dispute resolution practitioners accredited by LEADR;
  • Providing referrals to mediators and other dispute resolution practitioners on request through our office;
  • Providing advice and assistance in developing specialist panels of mediators to meet the needs of particular industries and organizations;
  • Facilitating/organizing mediations and conciliations;
  • Providing adjudicators in several specialized areas including building and construction industry payment disputes, domain name disputes, and determination of GST provisions in long-term non-reviewable contracts;
  • Designing in-house dispute resolution and complaints handling systems;
  • Operating a pro bono mediation service for legally aided parties;
  • Training in key areas of dispute resolution at introductory, basic and advanced levels;
  • Accrediting mediators on the basis of a competency-based assessment process;
  • Publishing a regular e-newsletter LEADR Update which provides information;
  • Providing resources for mediators and clients, including standard mediation agreements and mediation clauses for inclusion in contracts and agreements and the Australasian Dispute Resolution Service published in association with Lawbook Co;
  • Providing mediation rooms at our Sydney office;
  • Supporting contact among mediators through conferences and events including ADR networking meetings in most cities on a regular basis;
  • Organizing and hosting a bi-ennial International Conference on ADR;
  • Liaising with other ADR organizations nationally and internationally;
  • Promoting expanded use of alternative dispute resolution through outreach to organizations and sectors which could benefit from ADR;
  • Preparing research and submissions on ADR.

Ethical standards

LEADR members are subject to clearly stated obligations of ethical behaviour. Failure to comply with these requirements can be the cause of action by the Board to initiate disciplinary processes.

LEADR members are governed by two key documents in this regard:

  • The statement of the ethical requirements for the practice of mediation, which was created by the Law Council of Australia and has been adopted by the LEADR Board;
  • LEADR’s discipline process.


Level 1, 13-15 Bridge Street - NEW Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: (+61 2) 9251 3366

Fax: (+61 2) 9251 3733

Email: leadr@leadr.com.au

Official Website

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