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Proper posture while functioning at your computer station assists you avoid back pain and eye strain. Position your adjustable office chair, computer monitor and keyboard properly so that you will have the optimum ergonomics and avoid maladies such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


2 Location your keyboard accordingly that the letter "B" is aligned with the center of your chest.

4 Allow your chair help out. Get any chair with a vertical again assistance also sit with your bum to the rear of the chair. Even better is a chair with an adjustable backrest; the angle should be set anywhere out of 9 website to 11 website degrees again.

5 Watch your wrist posture. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one illness that correct posture can help keep away from. Keep your shoulders relaxed for your elbows on your sides such that your fingers rest on the home row of the keyboard, together with your wrists straight. Both your keyboard also mouse should be positioned on a keyboard tray, if your desk has one.

6 Take on regular splits with two to 5 minutes every fifty percent-hour. Walk around, stretch, roll your shoulders, get some drink regarding drinking water. Getting regular breaks is very good with your visions as well as your posture.

Suggestions & Warnings

Place commonly applied items within arm's achieve on the desktop.

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University about Illinois, McKinley Health Center: Posture and Review Habits Guide

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