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Once your child starts to show signs of errant behavior, you need to step in and take control of them. Children are like plants, they grow towards the light. If your child has no direction or guidance, he or she can end up having a life full of crime.

It could start with something minor like stealing from a drug store and escalate into worse later on. This is why you need to react fast. If not, you may end up having to pay a criminal lawyer to defend your child's life later on. You can save your child tomorrow by what you do today.

How to correct your child

Having a wayward child can be hustle. As a parent however, you cannot give up on your child. Put your foot down and inject behavior change initiatives in your child. Using some drastic strategies, you can change your child's mindset and empower them to be better people. These life's lessons can be taught through;

1. Juvenile penitentiaries

If your child is found guilty of a crime, juvenile jail time may do them some good. It helps to put the fear of God in them plus remind them that they can end up in a sadder situation later in life. You can also organize for a one on one with a former criminal who can advise them.

2. Community service

When you notice difficulties in your child's behavior, you can get them involved in community service. Through this avenue, your son or daughter will realize that they are better placed in life than others ad start to appreciate what they have.

3. Courtroom proceedings

Taking your child to a courtroom can help to give them a picture on how real life is. They will watch someone else stand trial for their crimes and get to understand that they can learn from other people's mistakes to avoid making their own.

4. Rehabilitation

In some cases, putting your child in a rehabilitation center can help them let go of bad habits like drugs. It also cripples their activities since they are confined. They will be isolated from their vice and controlled from moving about. Rehabilitation can also help to save a child from having future health related complications that can lead to death (i.e. drug overdosing).

5. Counseling

After everything else is done, consider counseling. When a child starts to act up, it most probably means they are unleashing anger towards something they have been holding inside. Talking it out can help reduce your child's hostility.

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