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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Lubbock County Dispute Resolution Center
  • Country: USA
  • City: Lubbock
  • Type of organization: non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: 1985
  • Interests: Mediation – Arbitration - Training
  • Fields of expertise: All types of Disputes

[edit] Description

The Lubbock County Commissioners created an Alternative Dispute Resolution System in 1985. In 1988, the Office of Dispute Resolution began receiving regular referrals from the District Attorney. Mandatory mediation for divorcing couples began in 1989. In 1991, mediation for civil cases became mandatory, as well as moderated settlement conferences for County Court at Law cases. Since 1999 the scheduling order for all civil cases has included a mandatory mediation date.

The South Plains Association of Governments administered these services until 2003. At that time, Lubbock County assumed responsibility for operating the system and the various services it provides.

In 2000, Governor Bush appointed, and in 2004 Governor Perry reaffirmed, our ADR System to administer the USDA Mediation Program in Texas. In January 2006, the Office of Dispute Resolution officially became a Domestic Relations Office (DRO), providing family-related services. With the DRO designation, the Community Supervision program began in December of 2006. In May 2009, the Integrated Child Support System (ICSS) program began.

The Texas Dispute Resolution System™ operates four distinct programs:

  • The Dispute Resolution Training Institute™ provides ADR training and various continuing education workshops throughout the state.
  • Texas Rural Mediation Services™ provides dispute resolution services to people affected by the actions of the USDA, as well as to rural Texans for any type of dispute.
  • South Plains Alternative Dispute Resolution System refers to the counties on the South Plains that contract with the Lubbock County ADR System to provide mediation services for their counties. The ten counties currently included in this system are Cochran, Crosby, Dickens, Garza, Hockley, Howard, Lamb, Lubbock, Terry, and Yoakum.
  • Domestic Relations Office provides family-related mediation services, the Community Supervision Program for non-payment of child support obligations, and the ICSS program to monitor and enforce child support obligations, and the ICSS program to monitor and enforce child support obligations.

[edit] Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) generally refers to the use of third parties to facilitate, evaluate, or decide a dispute in a cost effective manner. Different ADR procedures include mediation, mini-trials, moderated settlement conferences, summary jury trials, and binding and non-binding arbitration.

The most common type of ADR process is mediation. In mediation, people in dispute meet with a trained and neutral mediator who assists the parties in reaching their own solution to a problem. Goals are to create a viable, enduring agreement and to increase understanding of the issues.

The following lists the different types of ADR services available through the Texas Dispute Resolution System™.

[edit] Citizen Referral

Citizens can voluntarily request mediation for almost any type of dispute. The following are just a few examples:

  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Neighbor
  • Contractor
  • School
  • Infrastructure
  • Consumer
  • Community
  • Financial
  • Estate
  • Business
  • Peer

[edit] Civil ADR

Courts such as the following automatically or selectively refer cases to ADR:

  • Federal Courts
  • State Courts
  • District Courts
  • County Courts at Law
  • County Courts
  • Justice of the Peace Courts

[edit] Criminal ADR

Courts and the District Attorneys refer misdemeanors and felonies.

[edit] Educational Institutions

Universities and various School Districts have created partnerships that enable student, personnel and/or community matters to be mediated by neutral parties.

[edit] Healthcare Mediation Program

Patients, physicians, insurance companies, hospitals, or other involved parties can request mediation when the dispute involves a healthcare issue or related services.

[edit] Intergovernmental

Through contracts and agreements with governmental agencies, various types of disputes are facilitated, mediated, arbitrated, or evaluated.

[edit] Law Enforcement Officers

Officers refer individuals by giving the disputants a “ticket,” referring them directly to Dispute Resolution.

[edit] Rural Mediation

Texas Rural Mediation Services™ (TRMS) is the only provider of the USDA Mediation Program in Texas.

[edit] The Dispute Resolution Center

The Dispute Resolution Training Institute™ (DRTI), a division of the Texas Dispute Resolution System™, conducts affordable alternative dispute resolution (ADR) training for individuals interested in becoming a mediator, arbitrator or other ADR neutral. The DRTI sponsors a variety of training classes ranging from 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training to specific areas such as Family Mediation and Parenting Coordinator. All training programs meet Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) requirements and are approved by the State Bar of Texas. Frequently these State Bar approved courses are accepted by other professional licensing authorities for their continuing education requirements, through reciprocity with the State Bar.

The DRTI also develops and conducts specialized training programs to meet the needs of any organization. If you don't see a regularly scheduled training program that meets your needs or schedule, please contact us to discuss our services and how we can assist you in reaching your goals.

  • Blog - Texas Mediation Training
  • Estate Planning - Continuing Education
  • ADR Continuing Education
  • Basic Mediation Training
  • Family Mediation Training

[edit] Contact

P.O. Box 10536 -- Lubbock, TX 79408-3536 - USA

Toll Free: 1-866-329-3522


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