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Médiateurs Associés® (Mediators Associates®) is a trademark and the name of a training organization that has been created by Jean-Louis Lascoux.




Mediators Associates ® develops a unique approach of the training of mediators and conflict resolution. Interventions of Mediators Associates ® consist in working on the relational quality. First organization which declares that mediation is a professional activity; Mediators Associates® has now spread the idea that mediation is a separate and specific discipline.

In pursuing the research on the assembly and disassembly of conflicts, Mediators Associates ® now proposes a scientific approach of conflict resolution. This original approach, which has been developed by Jean-Louis Lascoux and whose process is fully structured, is to first observe that there is an alternative for conflict resolution:

Training Program

  • Formation of a professional mediator
  • Session of initiation to mediation and collaborative law reserved to the legal professions

House Rules

The legislation regarding professional training requires for all professional training institutions to have internal rules. Moreover, adjusted from a template provided as an example, the house rules of Mediators Associates ® are downloadable here (in French).


Aisha Malbec, training manager, guides you in your project realization Tel. : 0033. Email: formation@lesmediateurs.com 9, rue Vauban - 33000 Bordeaux - France

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