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When you are young, buying an insurance policy may not mean much to you. Nevertheless, as you get older, you realize how having such a policy can benefit you and your family, especially when you turn 50. Life expectancy continues to become shorter and shorter and so, it is vital to act as if you are of this age and above. Purchasing an over 50 life insurance will be good enough to protect your loved ones once you are gone. If you are currently comparing insurance rates, you will realize that they are mostly affected by your health class. These classes are defined by:

Tobacco use - Many insurance companies consider people who smoke tobacco to be of higher risk of death than those who do not smoke thus charging higher premiums for such individuals.

Weight to height ration - Insurance carriers will also check your weight in relation to your height. If you have an unhealthy weight, you will pay higher rates. You have no control over your height but you can be able to manage your weight.

Family health history - Experts from the insurance companies also examine your family background to determine if you are genetically predisposed to certain diseases, and if you are, you will pay higher rates. There is little you can do about your family history, but you can take other steps to lower your premiums.

Cholesterol and blood pressure - Insurance companies must check your blood pressure and cholesterol which are both signs of underlying problems. If you have unhealthy levels of both you will pay higher premiums. Usually, the insurance company subjects you to their own medical exam to determine these facts.

Lifestyle choices - The choices you make in life will also determine whether you pay higher life insurance rates or not. For instance, if you choose to pursue high-risk hobbies such as motorcycling, skydiving and bungee jumping, you will pay higher premiums than those whose hobbies are reading and writing. Remember you cannot lie about these facts and get away with it.

Occupational hazards - It is surprising but the kind of job you do can also affect how much you pay for your life premium rates. Granted, there are some jobs that are riskier than others. For instance, if you are a law enforcement agent, a solider, boxer or construction worker you will likely pay more than someone who is a doctor, nurse, teacher or runner.

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