Making the Right Move: 3 Tips to Make Moving Home Easier

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Moving home is right up there among the top ten most stressful things that you will do in your lifetime. There are so many things to take into account when moving to a new home and choosing a company who will treat your belongings as their own is just one of them. So here are some tips to make moving home a lot easier.

1. Identifying Packing Boxes

You will have many boxes packed with different things from different rooms in your old home and while you could write on the packing boxes such as "for kitchen" or for "living room" you might want to consider coordinating with colours as this will make life a lot easier on the guys moving your boxes. On each door of your new home you can attach a coloured sticker and match that sticker on the box. For instance if you have a blue sticker for items that need to go in the kitchen, in your new home put a blue sticker on the kitchen door. The movers will then know where to put the box and they don't have to read your writing on the box. Colour coordination is an easy and simple way to make sure everything ends up where it should be in your new home.

2. It's Never Too Early to Begin Packing

When moving home never leave it until the last minute to begin packing as it can be surprising how long it takes once you get started. You might think that it's not going to take that long but it is going to be hard work if you plan to do all the packing at once, if you spread the packing out you could start two or three months from the moving date. By starting a couple of months from the date you are moving you will find it less of a rush and so less stressful in the long run.

3. Start Your Packing with Items That Are Least Used

If you are going to start packing a month or two ahead of the planned moving date as suggested above then don't start by packing items that you use every day. Begin packing items that you don't use regularly, for instance your Christmas tree, baubles and lights or if it's the summer, your winter wear. You shouldn't pack anything that you don't need in your new home; this is the time to have a spring clean.

Hope these three tips will make life a little easier when moving to your new home.

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