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Marc Lecordier

Manager of Marcane
Vice-President of the Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation
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== ... ==Mediator, consultant, trainer

Works in public & private organisations

Mediator, Consultant & Trainer

Marc was the first President of the professional body of mediators in France for 7 years. He is now Vice President.

His company is certified ISO 9001 since 2008

Marc has been a coach and a trainer since 1992 and his working for the public and private sectors.

He also give regularly lectures in Universities. In many of the programs he is involved in, confidentiality is a key factor of success, and details of theses cannot appear here.

Recent projects Marc’s involved in: • Leadership and mediation course started in 2009 for an international organisation: English, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Polish, French… • Since 2005 : Designing, coordinating and facilitating Crisis & Media Communication management seminars for international organisations in Africa, North Africa, Middle East…


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