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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Mediation Center of Kentucky
  • Country: USA
  • City: Lexington
  • Type of organization: non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: 1997
  • Interests: Mediation - Arbitration
  • Fields of expertise: All types of Disputes

[edit] Description

[edit] Arbitration & Mediation Services

USA Mediate (a division of Pinnacle Pro, Ltd.) was formed in late 1997 in response to the growing need for alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") services. There is no question that lawsuits are always expensive, but not always fair in their outcome. In the traditional adversarial approach, parties, and their counsel, are typically geared more to battle than settlement/resolution, and oftimes the cost of the battle exceeds the original amount of the controversy or obviates the real concerns and interests of the participants. Those cases also typically take far more time to conclude than necessary, whether due to the Court's backlog, a party's delay, or other delays inherent in the system. As a result, many matters which could have either been settled, or summarily resolved, become attorney-fee driven, or cause the incurrence of additional damages, and go to trial for the wrong reasons.

In collaboration with The Davidson Law Firm, P.C., the Center established the Arbitration & Mediation Center of Arizona (Scottsdale), the Arbitration & Mediation Center of Colorado (Telluride) and recently established the Arbitration & Mediation Center of Maryland (White Hall - Baltimore). These Centers provide those communities with less costly and more timely alternatives to the traditional adversarial approach.

Their experienced mediators and arbitrators are comprised of both legal and industry professionals who are custom selected on a case-by-case basis in order to ensure that all matters are handled by individuals having a familiarity with not only the legal issues involved, but they are also equipped with the substantive expertise to assist in developing creative and prompt resolutions to complex disputes.

[edit] Mediation

Mediations are conducted at the voluntary request of the parties. Our mission is to facilate the parties' mutual resolution of their own disputes utilizing contemporary mediation techniques and specialized training in negotiation, impasse resolution and neutral case evaluation. Mediations can be conducted at one of our three Arbitration & Mediation Centers, or at any site convenient to the parties. In Scottsdale, at the request of the parties, we will utilize our Mobile Mediation Unit which can be deployed within hours of the occurrence of a dispute. This is particularly useful in dealing with construction-site disputes. Upon the successful conclusion of a mediation, the parties will depart with a fully executed settlement document which memorializes each and every term of agreement reached by the parties. Thereafter, our mediators remain available to deal with any follow-up matters which arise”.

[edit] Mediation / Arbitration

“In some instances, it is useful to employ a combined mediation/arbitration in order to facilitate a guaranteed prompt conclusion to a dispute. With this approach, the dispute is submitted to mediation. If, during the course of the mediation, the parties and/or the mediator determine that the process is deadlocked, the mediation is immediately converted to an arbitration. Dependent upon the parties' desire, the dispute will either be arbitrated by the mediator, or an independent arbitrator will be brought in to conclude the matter and render a binding decision. The arbitration can take place either immediately following the conclusion of the mediation, or promptly scheduled thereafter”.

[edit] Arbitration

“At the voluntary request of all parties, any matter may be submitted to our experienced arbitrators for the rendering of a binding decision. Arbitrations can be conducted either formally or informally at the discretion of the parties. Each arbitration shall be conducted by one or more arbitrators who have both legal and substantive knowledge of the issues. We also offer a bond-based program to guarantee that the prevailing party will be able to collect the award from the non-prevaling party without additional proceedings.”

[edit] Arbitration & Mediation Center of Arizona

“The Arbitration & Mediation Center of Arizona is located in the Pinnacle Peak area of North Scottsdale. Our senior mediator and arbitrator, Frederick E. Davidson is a graduate of Kent State University (B.A., 1975) and Boston College Law School (J.D.,1979) and is admitted to practice in Arizona, Colorado and New Jersey. Between 1972 and 1981, Mr. Davidson represented U.S. and European firms in the Soviet Union and People's Republic of China as a trade negotiator and business consultant. Between 1981 and 1990, he managed international petroleum trading companies, and in 1990 he established The Davidson Law Firm, P.C.

Unlike most attorneys who go straight from law school into law practice, Mr. Davidson's 18+ years of hands-on business experience, prior to engaging in the practice of law, give him a unique perspective amongst lawyers and ensures a "common sense" approach to dealing with parties’ cases and issues, coupled with substantive expertise in a vast array of areas to assist in developing creative and prompt resolutions to complex disputes.”

[edit] Arbitration & Mediation Center of Maryland

“Our newly established Arbitration & Mediation Center of Maryland is located in northern Baltimore County, just 25 minutes north of the Inner Harbor. Our "in-house" mediators and arbitrators have specific expertise in Construction Law, Commercial Transactions, Real Estate/Zoning/Land Development, Business Disputes, Homeowner Association matters, Equine Law & Farm Operations, and Resort & Country Club law. Combining practical business experience with a professional legal background, our mediators and arbitrators are uniquely qualified to assist parties in structuring creative and lasting resolutions.”

[edit] Arbitration & Mediation Center of Colorado

“As developing and vibrant communities, with a strong sense of tradition and respect for the natural elements which make the area unique, the Towns of Telluride and Mountain Village are experiencing many of the same kinds of disputes experienced in our other venues such as land use, preservation, development, construction, homeowner association and real estate disputes.

In conjunction with The Davidson Law Firm, P.C., having a presence in Telluride since 1998, our mediators and arbitrators bring to the community a wealth of practical expertise in these areas. The experience gained from our dealing with such issues in Scottsdale as advocates for, and advisors to, the development community, contractors, land preservation interests, resort and country club operators, homeowners' associations and homeowners, and as a planning commissioner and board of adjustment member, combined with our understanding of the local issues in Telluride and Mountain Village, provides us with a unique perspective from which creative resolutions can be structured.”

[edit] Contact

177 North Upper Street Suite 102 Lexington, Kentucky 40507 - USA

Tel: 859/246-2664

Fax: 859/246-2663


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