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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Mediation Training Institute International
  • Country: USA
  • City: Prairie Village
  • Type of organization: Non-profit Organization
  • Date of creation: 1985
  • Interests: Mediation
  • Fields of expertise: Training for managing workplace conflict

[edit] Description

Founded in 1985, the Mediation Training Institute International ® (MTI) is the world’s leading provider of training and certification in the core competencies for managing workplace conflict.

[edit] Mission

“To be a value-adding resource for identifying and removing the hidden costs and business risks caused by adversarial practices within organizations”

MTI accomplishes this mission by:

  • Conducting open-enrollment certification programs in managing and mediating workplace conflict for managers, human resource specialists, external consultants, and other professionals.
  • Developing and supporting a global network of Certified Trainers of Managing Workplace Conflict who serve client populations within their organizations, industries, and professional communities.
  • Assisting client organizations and their members to learn the core competencies for managing workplace conflict.
  • Delivering the MTI Training System, a cafeteria plan for the strategic management of organizational conflict.
  • Forming alliances with training entities outside North America to establish country affiliates and other international partnerships.

Through HRD200 Consulting Group, LLC, MTI also serves the needs of organizations whose current priorities may not include conflict management by offering over 200 specializations in human resource and organization development.

[edit] Services

Programs and services:

  • In-house — For organizations (including agencies of the United States Government and local governments) through the MTI Training System.
  • Open-enrollment — Training and certification in mediation and managing workplace conflict through the Mediation Training Institute International.
  • Webinars — Public and private web-based training courses through MTI Webiversity.
  • Comprehensive HRD and OD — Over 200 specializations in organizational and human resource development through HRD200 Consulting Group, LLC.

MTI hosts the "Elect Mediators to Public Office" project, a non-partisan grassroots effort to increase the presence of non-adversarial thinking and interest-based negotiation in governmental bodies at all levels and in all democratic countries.

[edit] The Work MTI Does And Why MTI Does It

“It is our hope that the information on this website will encourage you, as it has thousands of others worldwide, to inquire about simple mediation as a core management competency to transform organizational conflict into improved performance, profitability, and quality of worklife.

But helping organizations find better strategies for managing conflict entails more than training, although skill development is a key component in a successful change effort. Training alone, in any area of applied behavioral science, seldom produces long-term systemic benefits.

Reflecting this holistic understanding of organizational conflict and its strategic management, Dana Mediation Institute was formed to integrate the workplace training resources of the Mediation Training Institute International with a broader range of services, still tightly focused on conflict management as a strategic function. The corporation is structured to provide all needed resources for guiding organizations in becoming "Mediating Organizations" where conflicts are resolved through the reconciliation of interests, instead of by power dominance or rights contests.

By blending our research, publications, consulting, and training resources, MTI is poised to make significant and practical contributions to the field of strategic organizational conflict management.

Our goal is for the Mediating Organization to become the paradigm for corporate success in the 21st Century. We invite you to join us in working toward this paradigm shift”.

[edit] Specificity

MTI is not just a provider of conflict management training:

  • The content of its training is based upon the innovative workplace mediation tools developed and field-tested over 30 years by Daniel Dana, MTI's President and Director of Program Development. Learners gain proficiency in using practical communication techniques to change attitudes and behavior from adversarial to cooperative, so that workplace problems can be solved with mutual commitment to action.
  • MTI's seminars may be presented as stand-alone classroom training or self-directed computer-based learning. However, we recommend incorporating the training into a coherent approach to the strategic management of organizational conflict.
  • As the word Institute in our name implies, MTI is committed to advancing knowledge among practitioners and researchers in the field about early resolution and prevention of organizational conflict.

[edit] External Links

[edit] Contact

5700 West 79th Street, Prairie Village, KS 66208-4604 – USA

Tel.: 913.432.2888 - Toll-free: 888.222.3271 (USA and Canada)

Fax: 913.273.1919


Official Website

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