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A "reserve" of citizens for the State Police?

What solutions can be found to prevent any possible new outbreaks in the suburbs? The spontaneous "mediation" of the citizens who went out to the streets to talk to youth groups likely to act has inspired the Interior Minister, Nicolas Sarkozy...

In the edition "Le Figaro" of January 14th, 2007, Jean-Marc Leclerc declared:

"The "reserve of citizens of the State Police" stirs the minds among the police. The idea has been launched last Thursday by Nicolas Sarkozy. It consists to approve this year one thousand volunteers for missions of mediation and sensitizing about law in the districts. But the police syndicates are cautious. Bruno Beschizza, secretary-general of Synergie-Officiers, believes that 'this proposal commits more the President of the UMP (Union pour un Mouvement Populaire – Union for a Popular Movement) that the Interior Minister'(...). The citizen-reservist should not have any prerogative of a public power. It would not wear uniform, just a badge. He would be neither paid nor armed, like the voluntary "Reserve of citizens of National Defense" that the gendarmerie has already set up.


But these strange auxiliaries without real powers might well be considered as "informers" in their neighborhood, with the risks imaginable for their own safety".

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