Mediation or confrontation

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When we think about that time when philosophy was developing, the law was taking its marks, the profession of lawyer was launching its first features of pleading, sophists were sparring against the rhetoricians... it is possible to imagine that mediation had a possibility to spring from the world of ideas.

But rhetoricians, purists of the wisdom reflection and emergence of ideas from the individuals, lost in the quarrel against the sophists. The law was born, with its monopolization of speech, the appropriation of the reality perception, the definition and framework of reflection within a procedural system until a decision, illusionary believed as final, of an imposed solution.

Mediation stayed on the fallow land of imagination. The figures of speech have flown away for several centuries while maieutic of the sage still remained in few pedagogical dead-ends.

It took some 2500 years for a wire between the ancient philosopher and contemporary mediator to be tautened.

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