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Fax: n/a
Fax: n/a
[ Official website]

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General Information

  • Official name: Mediators without Borders
  • Country: USA
  • City: Boulder
  • Type of organization: Non-profit Organization
  • Date of creation: 2006
  • Interests: Mediation
  • Fields of expertise: peace Building


Mediators Without Borders™ (MWB) is a non-profit, humanitarian organization established to partner with communities worldwide to build their conflict resolution capacity for preventing, resolving and healing from conflict. This partnership involves the design and implementation of sustainable peace building initiatives responsive to the needs and culture of the communities, and to the history of each conflict. MWB is not a first responder, and is not prepared to intervene in the midst of violent crises.

Mediators Without Borders™ interprets "without borders" broadly. It acts across geographical, political, economic, societal, and cultural boundaries. MWB partners with NGO's, universities, political and activist groups, community organizations, professional societies, environmental, commercial and other entities worldwide to develop skills for group facilitation, public dialogue, strategic planning, collaborative negotiation, peer mediation, restorative justice, and public policy consensus building.

MWB considers the term mediator to be inclusive of a broad range of conflict management and resolution endeavors. Activities such as conciliation, consulting, facilitation, consensus building, conducting public dialogues, system design, restorative justice initiatives, education and capacity building to mitigate or prevent violence are all encompassed within a sweeping definition of mediator.


4450 Arapahoe Ave #100, Boulder, CO 80303 – USA

Tel.: 1877-2685337

Fax: n/a

Official website

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