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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Mongolian National Arbitration Court
  • Country: Mongolia
  • City: Ulaanbaatar
  • Type of organization: quasi-governmental agency
  • Date of creation: 1960
  • Interests: Arbitration
  • Fields of expertise: Trade, Commercial and Industrial Disputes

[edit] Description

The Mongolian National Arbitration Court (MNCCI) was founded as the “Chamber of Commerce” on 2 July 1960. Until 1990, in coordination with socialist system, the activities of the Chamber have organized the limited promotion of trade and industry as a quasi-governmental agency. The transition to a market economy gave the private sector effectual association within the Chamber. In the course of 45 years of history, the Chamber has conducted activities within an administration scope and acted independently for the last 15 years.

The first meeting of the Chamber affiliates was held in 1961 and 29 organizations was admitted as active members. Since the adoption of the “Law of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry” (1995), the Chamber's activities have expanded both domestically and abroad. At present, the Chamber is the main representative body of the Mongolian business community and engages businesses, enterprises, and trade organizations in a wide range of activities and services in protecting common interests.

[edit] Slogan

The MNCCI slogan is “3C”:

  • Comprehensive Service
  • Cooperative Mind
  • Common Voice

[edit] Vision

  • To be the leading and pro-active stakeholder in the private sector development of Mongolia;
  • To be the main promoter and facilitator for the sound business and investment climate in Mongolia.

[edit] Strategic Goals

  • Promote and develop the competitive private sector of Mongolia as an engine of sustainable growth and main source of economic activity;
  • Maintain the Chamber as an influential advocacy organization in protecting the rights and common interest of the business community and engage in the policymaking process by developing dialogue and partnership between the public and private sector;
  • Remain a leading organization in terms of providing overall economic and business assistance as well as services to the business community through a wide range of promotional activities;
  • Exist as a pro-active member of international business community by participating in the most effective way in ICC, CACCI, and the other international activities.

[edit] Services

  • Rendering overall business service to members and non-members;
  • Operating public and private sector counseling committees;
  • Operating bilateral economic cooperation committees;
  • Developing dialogue and partnership with the Government and its institutions in creating a sound business environment;
  • Arbitrating foreign trade disputes;
  • Inspecting export and import goods on a neutral basis;
  • Certifying foreign trade documentation;
  • Registering patents and trademarks;
  • Promoting exports and SME’s;
  • Organizing domestic and international exhibitions and trade fairs;
  • Sending and hosting business missions;
  • Exchanging business and investment information;
  • Promoting public relations with the media and member companies;
  • Conducting training, seminars, and conference.

[edit] Contact

Chingeltei district / J. Sambuu street-11 / Government Building-11 Room-702, Ulaanbaatar - Mongolia

Tel: 976-11-329167

Fax 976-11-324620


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