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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Montana Mediation Association
  • Country: USA
  • City: Great Falls
  • Type of organization: non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: 1997
  • Interests: Mediation
  • Fields of expertise: All types of Disputes

[edit] Description

The Montana Mediation Association is a group of mediators, other neutrals, and individuals dedicated to appropriate processes in which consensual and informed resolutions are made by the parties.

The purpose of the Montana Mediation Association is to provide an organization which:

  • Promotes mediation and other voluntary collaborative methods of conflict resolution.
  • Increases public understanding and acceptance of mediation and other appropriate processes of conflict resolution by presenting meaningful information about mediation to:
  • the general public
  • the courts
  • the legislature
  • other interested professionals
  • Defines standards of competency, qualifications, and ethics for professional mediators of disputes in Montana.
  • Supports the professional growth and development of mediators and mediation programs

[edit] History

The first formal meeting of the Montana Mediation Association Design Group took place on December 5, 1997. The Design Group included members of the State Bar Committee on Mediator Qualifications, and members of the Montana Consensus Roundtable, a discussion group which had been meeting informally for four years. Design work culminated in December, 1998, with the approval of Bylaws for the Montana Mediation Association. Since that time, Standards of Practice have been embraced, educational outreach programs have been initiated, six successful annual conferences have been held with rave reviews, and membership has steadily grown.

An amazing footnote to the above historical sketch is that the Association has been built entirely by volunteers committed to the principles of informed, consensual resolution of conflicts. Individuals, bonded by common purpose can, indeed, change the world in positive ways.

[edit] Contact

P.O. Box 6363 Great Falls, MT 59406 - USA

Tel: 406-727-8365


Official Website

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