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Depending on the size and volume of items that must be shipped, a relocation process can become quite an adventure. A really complicated one, where there is plenty of room for errors. However, some rookie mistakes can be easily avoided. The following comprehensive guide tells you more about the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • Not sufficiently planning the entire process. This is a big mistake and should be avoided with all costs. Not having a strategy and counting only on others to make this job for you will give sufficient room for unpleasant surprises. You must properly coordinate the actions and also help any worker teams, if you decide to hire a specialized company.
  • Not properly evaluating the budget. Besides the typical fees associated with labor and logistic support, you must also include extra costs. Such costs might include insurance, temporary housing, auto transport, eating out, storage services and fuel.
  • Not properly packing your items. All too often, people don't know how to properly pack their possessions. Be calm and carefully pack your room, one at a time.
  • Failing to notify the companies and authorities about your relocation. Changes happen; this is the circle of life. The problem is when you don't tell about your moving plan to authorities. Make sure to inform about the changes and be ready to fill in a lot of paperwork.
  • Not getting enough information about the hired company. When you rely on external help, you should always check the history of the mover and also seek the complaint ratio. Furthermore, look for testimonials and social media activity.
  • Not Reading the Fine Print. Always be ready for what's coming and that includes the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract. In this way you will know more about what protection is provided, labor hours, labor fines, logistic support and so on.
  • Not understanding your protection options. There is a chance that things could go wrong during the transit, so you must be sure that your items are protected. Consider getting a property damage insurance or extended protection from the service provider, if the coverage amount is too low.
  • Not planning for child t care. Make sure that your kids and pets are well protected all the time and you have a babysitter while you take turns.
  • Not getting sufficient info about your new location. Find out more about available medics, hospitals, police departments and recreational options.

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