Moving Mistakes to Avoid

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It is important to hire the services of a reliable moving company. Avoid a company that is asking for a hefty upfront deposit. Reputable companies do not ask for deposits - the agreement to settle the full price is often stated in the bill of landing, which means you will be expected to pay upon delivery. It is also advisable to opt for a company that offers fixed and hourly rates. This will help you compare quotes depending on how far and big your move is. Fixed rates offer a better option for people planning to move far with large amounts of goods, while hourly rates are good for people making little moves. Some of the relocating mistakes to avoid include:

· Failing to investigate your destination

It is important to investigate the new hometown before moving. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to do some research to find out if the neighborhood fits your family. When you are faced with an attractive career option with short notice, consider other important variables, including the cost of living, security and quality of education before taking up the opportunity.

· Failing to time your move

If you are operating on a limited budget or you are interested in saving on moving costs, avoid scheduling your move during peak season. Summer and the beginning and end of the month are peak seasons that have many people moving. Therefore, most of the moving companies are extremely busy during this time. The high demand for their services during this period often attracts higher prices. Furthermore, some of the leading movers end up sub-contracting their services. Therefore, if you are interested in quality services at competitive rates it is advisable to consider scheduling your move any time between the 10th and 21st. This is borne to save you some good money.

· Failing to interview a mover

It is advisable to contact at least 3 moving companies, after a background check. Invite them to your premises to undertake a price estimate. You do not have to accept the price you are offered first. In addition, if you are moving during off-peak time, you will have a greater bargaining power. Furthermore, do not opt for a mover who offers the lowest estimate. Generally, less-than-reputable movers seek to entice customers using extremely low prices, but end up padding the bill when the goods finally get to their destination. A low estimate could also be an indication that you may not get professional services or the company may subcontract the job to another firm. Price estimates that are substantially low or estimates that are not pegged on the weight of your valuables are suspect.

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