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The National Commission of Security Ethics has been established by the Act 2000-494 of June 6, 2000.

[edit] Description

French independent administrative authority, the CNDS (Commission Nationale de Déontologie de la Sécurité) ensures the compliance with ethics of the professionals involved in the field of security in the territory of the Republic.

It essentially treats the errors of police forces.

The Commission is neither a tribunal nor a disciplinary council, but wants to be a place of action and monitoring.

[edit] The Role of the Mediator of the Republic

The law n°2007-297 of March 5, 2007 on the prevention of delinquency has amended Article 4 of Act No. 2000-494 of June 6, 2000 regarding the establishment of a National Commission of Security Ethics, inserting the intervention of the Ombudsman of the French Republic.

Article 4 "Anyone who has been a victim or witness of facts that might constitute a breach of the ethics rules, involving one or more of the persons mentioned in Article 1, can express an individual claim requesting that these facts will be brought to the attention of the National Commission of Security Ethics. This right also belongs to the dependents of victims. To be valid, the complaints must be forwarded to the Commission within the year following the facts.

The claim is addressed to a deputy or senator who will forward it to the Commission if he considers that the complaint fits into the jurisdiction of this body and deserves an intervention.

The Commission addresses an acknowledgement of receipt to the deputy or senator who has forwarded the referral of the case.

The Prime Minister, the Ombudsman of the French Republic, the President of the High Authority against Discrimination and for Equality and the members of Parliament can also by their own initiative refer a case to the Commission as mentioned in the first paragraph.

Parliamentarians who are members of the Commission cannot refer a claim. A claim lodged to the National Commission of Security Ethics does not affect the time-limits regarding the prescriptions of civil or penal actions and administrative or contentious recourse".

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