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==General Information==
==General Information==
* Official name: Nebraska Mediation Center Association
* Official name: Nebraska Mediation Center Association

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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Nebraska Mediation Center Association
  • Country: USA
  • City: Eagle
  • Type of organization: Non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: -
  • Interests: Mediation
  • Fields of expertise: Training

[edit] Origin

The Nebraska Mediation Center Association (NMCA) is a non-profit organization with a primary focus of providing interest-based mediation training. In addition to training, NMCA promotes consensus building and the six Nebraska community mediation centers that are approved through the Nebraska Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR). Every county in the state of Nebraska is served by an ODR approved mediation center.

The Nebraska Mediation Center Association has been accredited by the Nebraska MCLE Commission.

[edit] Basic Mediation Training

Basic Mediation Training entails a minimum of 30 instructional hours, generally taught over a four day period. The training is a balance of theory and practice, and focuses on a facilitative style of mediation in which the parties are generally kept in the same room and caucus is a tool within the process. Trainers use diverse teaching methods including classroom-style presentations, demonstration role plays, videos, active learning exercises, and outside readings. Trainers utilize the ODR Basic Training Manual that offers a comprehensive background to the units taught. The manual addresses specific Nebraska statutes and Nebraska’s ethical standards for mediators. During training there are several opportunities to role play simulated mediation sessions. All role players are provided feedback from experienced mediator/coaches in 4:1 ratio.

Training Components:

  • Overview of conflict theory
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Mediator standards and ethics
  • Models of intervention for conflict situations
  • Communication skills and their effective use in mediation
  • Cross-cultural implications & bias awareness
  • Theory and application of interest-based mediation
  • Theory of interest-based negotiation and relationship to mediation
  • Simulation mediation role plays
  • Theory of interest-based mediation and when it can be used effectively

This training is designed for anyone interested in learning how to assist others in resolving their issues. It also provides an opportunity for those desiring to improve their communication and negotiation process skills as a means to enhance personal and professional development. Those interested in developing referrals and Alternative Dispute Resolution systems will also benefit from this course.

This training satisfies the statutory requirements of the Nebraska Dispute Resolution Act.

[edit] Family Mediation Training

The Family mediation Training is a minimum of 30 instructional hours over a four day period. Participants build on their Basic Mediation Training and focus on parenting plans. The training also touches on property, finance, and child support issues. Role plays cover parenting plan issues and the initial private session.

A key component of the Family Mediation Training is a section on domestic violence. Participants study the power dynamics of family violence and learn techniques designed to successfully screen-out cases inappropriate for mediation due to domestic violence and child abuse.

Completion of this training satisfies the training requirements for mediators established in the Nebraska Parenting Act including the family violence screening and awareness requirement.

Training Components:

  • Mediation process overview
  • Nebraska family law/court system
  • Child and family development
  • Parenting plans
  • Family violence and power dynamics
  • Dealing with emotions
  • State referral resources for families

Prerequisite: ODR approved Basic Mediation Training is required prior to taking Family Mediation Training.

[edit] Child Support & Child's Financial Plan

This training provides in depth information on child support and other issues that are included in the financial plan for the child. This six-hour advanced skills workshop is highly recommended for anyone who will mediate child support issues.

Training Components:

  • Using the Nebraska Child Support Guidelines
  • Identifying the mediatable issues in child support
  • Mediating other issues in the financial plan for the child (child's property, post-minority support for students or disabled children, extraordinary expenses, tax exemptions).

Prerequisite — Family Mediation Training

[edit] Affiliating with a Nebraska Mediation Center

Each Nebraska Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR) approved mediation center has the option to affiliate with NMCA/ODR trained mediators. Affiliated mediators receive opportunities to mediate through the center and are supported through supervision, continuing education, and mentoring. The number of affiliates a center approves is based on case load.

[edit] On-Site Trainings

The Training Institute will provide basic and family mediation training on-site. For an effective training, the audience size is suggested to be 12 to 24 participants. To receive a price quote for on-site training, contact Nebraska Mediation Center Association.

[edit] Contact

P.O. Box 295. Eagle, NE 68347-0295 - USA

Tel: 402-781-2011 or 877-342-2004 (toll free)


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