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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Netherlands Mediation Institute
  • Country: Netherlands
  • City: Rotterdam
  • Type of organization: private organization
  • Date of creation: 1995
  • Interests: Mediation - Training
  • Fields of expertise: All types of disputes

[edit] Description

The Netherlands Mediation Institute (NMI) is the national platform for mediation in the Netherlands. NMI is a private organization and operational since 1995.

NMI operates from within a strictly independent position in society. NMI's strictly independent position as a national mediation platform is possibly unique in Europe.

[edit] Objectives

NMI’s objectives are:

  • to promote, make transparent and assure the quality of mediation and mediators in the Netherlands;
  • to structure and stimulate the use of mediation;
  • to offer a multilateral consultation structure;
  • to provide independent information on mediation to the public quantification, research and contacts.

[edit] Activities

NMI provides:

  • a platform for multilateral consultation concerning mediation by the various parties involved (mediators/providers, users of mediation, as well as independent bodies such as educational/scientific);
  • a reliable, nationally applied infrastructure for mediation in the form of uniform mediation rules and models;
  • an independent quality framework in the shape of accreditation and registration of mediators, as well as rules of conduct for mediators, a complaints procedure and independent disciplinary rules;
  • a transparent quality assurance system for mediation and mediators through ccreditation and independent personal certification in conformity with the uniform European Standard EN 45013.

To achieve these objectives NMI provides, among other things:

  • a uniform infrastructure for mediation: (the NMI Mediation Rules , the NMI Complaints Procedure, Rules of Conduct for NMI-registered Mediators, model Mediation Clause, model Mediation Agreement, independent disciplinary rules for NMI-registered Mediators);
  • advancement of mediation training facilities;
  • a protocol for the assessment and recognition of mediation training institutes;
  • registration and certification of mediators and protection and licensing of the titles NMI Mediator and NMI Certified Mediator;
  • access to the public NMI Register of Mediators through the NMI website;
  • contacts with organizations, companies and public bodies development and dissemination of documentation and information;
  • independent selections from the NMI Register of Mediators to parties at variance;
  • development and management of a website;
  • providing independent information on mediation for the public;
  • maintaining national and international contacts relating to mediation.

[edit] Contact

Postbus 21499 3001 AL Rotterdam - The Netherlands

Tel.: 010 - 201 23 44

Fax: 010 - 201 23 45


Official Website

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