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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Northern Virginia Mediation Service
  • Country: USA
  • City: Fairfax
  • Type of organization: Non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: -
  • Interests: Mediation - Training
  • Fields of expertise: Family, Civil, Commercial & Workplace, Community Disputes

[edit] Vision

“We envision a future in which all people have the ability to constructively engage with conflict in ways that strengthen family, workplace and community relationships and understanding”.

[edit] Mission

NVMS provides the entire community with accessible, affordable and appropriate conflict resolution and education services. We help people find collaborative approaches to achieve acceptable and enduring outcomes.

[edit] Values=

  • Service: NVMS is dedicated to identifying and meeting client needs by providing quality, professional and accessible, cost-effective services.
  • Empowerment: NVMS seeks to expand each individual’s capacity to exercise freedom of choice and action through education, information sharing and other appropriate processes.
  • Creativity: NVMS supports innovative thinking, which creates opportunities and outcomes for the community we serve, while cultivating an environment of community learning and collaboration.
  • Diversity: NVMS celebrates and values diversity of thought and practice grounded in race, ethnicity, culture and other differences. NVMS aspires to be inclusive and representative of communities that they serve.
  • Sustainability: NVMS focus on long-term continuity in the services they provide, the relationship they develop and the communities they serve. NVMS will meet present needs and assure long-term viability.

[edit] Mediation Services

Mediation is a process that encourages people to work out their disputes with one another and develop solutions they will find equally acceptable.

[edit] Training

Thousands of individuals throughout the United States and internationally have participated in their workshops to develop and enhance their effectiveness with others. NVMS’s workshops are designed with the adult learner in mind- combining theory, observation, experiential exercises and practice opportunities for meaningful and enduring learning. Content includes conflict theory and interest-based negotiating, group and organizational dynamics, communications skills, mediation processes and frameworks for facilitation, two-party, multi-party and large-group intervention practices, and ethical considerations.

These workshops can benefit anyone who is interested in improving their communication skills, understanding conflict and how to work through it. NVMS’s workshops also support those who work with others and who facilitate collaborative interest-based processes (e.g., mediation, facilitation, public participation), including human resource professionals, mediators, facilitators, consultants, educators, senior and mid-level executives, nonprofit professionals, government employees, and graduate students.

All workshops are offered one to eight times per year at NVMS’s training center located in Fairfax, VA. We are also happy to bring our workshops to your site upon request.

[edit] Group and Meeting Facilitation

Facilitation is a process that encourages group dialogue and collaboration. Parties may have specific issues to address or need a forum to explore options as a group. A neutral facilitator guides the decision-making process of a board, leads comment and problem-solving sessions in a conference setting, and creates a productive setting for dialogue in a variety of other settings.

The facilitators work with the parties to help manage communications, discussions, and negotiations so that everyone has the opportunity to give thorough consideration to all of the issues, implications, and possible resolutions. They will not impose a settlement or recommended a particular outcome. The facilitators will talk with the parties over the phone before their meeting to discuss the agenda and participant views. When appropriate, the facilitator will talk with representatives of differing opinions before the group meets in order to better understand the issues for the greatest effectiveness during your session. NVMS’s staff will first talk with the parties about the process and your organizational needs before putting them in contact with one of the professional facilitators.

[edit] Contact

4260 Chain Bridge Road Suite A-2 Fairfax, VA 22030 - USA

Tel: 703.993.1316

Fax: 703.246.8992


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