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The Federal Ombudsman is a Belgian independent and impartial institution which investigates complaints relating to operations of federal administrative authorities. The institution is composed of two mediators (French-speaking and Dutch-speaking), that explains the reason why this is a College.


The Mission of the Federal Ombudsman is Threefold

  • He examines complaints concerning the operation of the federal administrative authorities;
  • He leads, at the request of the House of Representatives, investigations on the functioning of the federal government services that have been designated;
  • Based on the conclusions of this two first missions, he proposes recommendations and reports to Parliament.

Federal Mediators

  • French-speaking Mediator: Catherine De Bruecker
  • Dutch-speaking Mediator: Guido Schuermans


Rue Ducale 43 1000, Brussels, Belgium Tel: +32 2 289 27 27 Fax: +32 2 289 27 28

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