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The Mediator of the Burkina Faso is an Ombudsman, whose function has been established by the Law 22/94/ADP of May 17, 1994. General Tiemoko Marc Garango has been the first Ombudsman of Burkina Faso, by Decree No. 94-494/PRES of December 29, 1994. Real start of functions: May 17, 1996.

The institution of Ombudsman of Burkina Faso is inspired by the official texts related to his French counterpart.


[edit] List of Ombusdmen

  • 2005: Amina Moussou Ouédraogo Traoré
  • 2000 to March 2005: Jean-Baptiste Kafando
  • 1996 to October 2000: General Tiemoko Marc Garango - first Ombudsman of Burkina Faso

[edit] Delegates of the Ombudsman

The Ombudsman of Burkina Faso, Amina Moussou Ouédraogo Traoré has officially established on July 24, 2007 the provincial delegate of his institution. Oumarou Diéni, a retired civil administrator, is now the one who represents the Ombudsman of Burkina Faso in the regions of High-Basins and Waterfalls.

Oumarou Diéni is the third provincial delegate of the Ombudsman of Burkina Faso after the missed Bernard Sib Sié and Christopher G. Kam currently sick. Oumarou Dieni has previously been a correspondent for the Ombudsman of Burkina Faso in Bobo-Dioulasso region from 1997 to 2001, while he was General Secretary of the municipality (source: "le Faso" of July 25th, 2007).

[edit] Annual Conferences

  • The Ombudsman of Burkina Faso has completed on November 28, 2009, his second annual conference.

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