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The Ombudsman of Congo is called Mediator of the Republic of Congo and has been established by the Law 9-98 of October 31, 1998, and his function has been specified in the constitution of January 20, 2002, Title XIII, Article 163, which defines that the Ombudsman is an independent authority on charge to simplify and humanize the relationships between the administration and citizens.

However, before the regime of Denis Sassou-Nguesso chaired by Pascal Lissouba until the coup d’état of 1997, there was a Mediator of the Republic.

[edit] Mediators of the Republic of Congo

  • ... - 1997 - Victor Tamba-Tamba
  • 2001 - ... - Hilaire Mounthault - whose first mandate ended on August 2, 2004, and has been renewed for a period of three years.

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