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The State Comptroller is an Israeli institution established by a Law of 1949. It monitors the public administration and finance, proceeds audits on the legality, regularity, proper use, efficiency, economic and moral integrity, and issues reports. Since 1971 he combines these functions with those of the Ombudsman.


Election and term of the Mandate

The State Comptroller is elected by the Parliament for a period of seven years and must report of his activities only to the Knesset.


Israel has created the function of the State Comptroller in 1949. In 1971, the State Comptroller has begun to hold the functions of Ombudsman. Since then, he also has to receive public complaints against the State or from public institutions under his control.

Purview and Investigation

The entire administrative and political body, and some military sectors as well, are involved within the purview of the State Comptroller. He is also responsible for controlling the financing of the political parties, political campaign accounts, and possibly imposes financial penalties. He closely works with the Parliamentary Committee responsible for monitoring the State and is allowed to get an unlimited access to accounts and files of all organisms subject to audit.

State Comptrollers

  • Micha Lindenstrauss: 2005-...
  • Eliezer Goldberg: 1998-2005
  • Miriam Ben-Porat: 1988-1998
  • Yaakov Maltz: 1987-1988
  • Yitzhak Tunic: 1982-1987
  • Dr. Yitzhak Ernst Nebenzahl: 1961-1981
  • Dr. Siegfried Moses: 1949-1961

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