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The function of the Mediator of the Republic of Ivory Coast is similar to the Ombudsman's ones. This function has been established by the Law No. 200-513 on August 1st, 2000, on the constitution of the 2nd Republic of Ivory Coast and establishing a mediation system through the Mediator of the Republic. This function is the continuity of the one previously assured by the Major Mediator of the presidential body of mediation (OPREM) which was created by Decree No. 95-816 of September 29, 1995.

Identified by his first major mediator as the 125th institution of this kind in the world, OPREM has been the 85th Mediation system in Africa.

  • 2000 - Mathieu Ekra
  • 2006 - Lamine Ouattara, Mediator of the Republic for an interim period.


  • Sick Mathieu Ekra


01 BP 2608, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire Tel: +225 22 44 21 68 Fax: +225 22 44 21 44

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