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The Diwan al Madhalim is equivalent to the mediation system, or Office of the Ombudsman, or Cabinet of the Mediator of the Republic. In this case, it is the office of the Wali al Madhalim


"Divan" (dīvān) is an Arabic word of Persian origin meaning: registry, office, administration.


History reminds us the existence of a vizier of chikayat and Madhalim (disputes and grievances).

A "Dahir" (a Law) of Mohammed VI of December 9, 2001, has created the function of the "Diwan Al Madhalim". The first "Wali" was a member of the royal family, Moulay Slimane Alaoui.

It has been the topic of the presentation speech given by Mohammed VI, December 20, 2002.

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