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The term "polemology" means the study of conflicts. It has been created after the war on 1939-1945 by Gaston Bouthoul.


[edit] The Study of Conflicts

By creating the "Polemology" or "War Studies" after the Second World War, with Louise Weiss and the French Institute of polemology, Gaston Bouthoul wanted to initiate a systematized study of phenomena of aggressiveness and wars.

These issues are often subject to judgments that approve and disapprove the recourse of various methods used and power struggles. They are discussed in relation to the relevance of strategies and tactics, in economic, political and other relationships.

Gaston Bouthoul has considered that we should better understand and approach them positively in order to find ways capable to prevent them.

"That perspective has led to the publication of books and journals and the creation of institutions dedicated to research on peace, war and the passage from war to peace. The "Institute of Polemology" is among these initiatives. It has been founded in the early 1970s at the University of Strasbourg (France) by Julien Freund for promoting interdisciplinary scientific study of clashes and collisions between opposing wills.

During the 1970s, the project regarding polemology has been extended to various manifestations of aggressiveness, such as road accidents for example. After the death of Bouthoul in 1980, polemology has gradually declined and was knon at the end of the century a gradual process of deinstitutionalization. But obviously neither the relations of hostility nor the belligerent passions have disappeared. Perhaps they were even scattered, especially with the emergence of new intermediate situations between war and peace. "

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