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If you are thinking of having a vacation, but if you haven’t determined where to yet, give Texas a try! Texas is actually a state with a rich and interesting background, amazing landscapes and delightful sunny beaches. It has everything a fun loving visitor would wish.

What does Texas has to give, and why should you visit it?

Initially I should start introducing the natural beauty which Texas has. What better example to prove this point than Big Bend National Park? It is unique park that contains the Chisos Mountains, Chihuahuan Desert and the Rio Grande River. So you have three ecosystems in a single park! You can take float on a boat down the river, stroll in the mountains or travel through the desert.

If you like the sun and are an adherent swimmer, check out the Padre Island National Seashore and enjoy over 70 miles of sandy beaches. You can get a wide range of activities including fishing, biking and camping. The beaches are renowned for their ecosystem too! If you want nature and also animals, you will love watching over 380 species of birds swirling up in the sky!

Besides, its natural beauty, Texas is also renowned for its rich and fascinating background.

If you have an appetite for the past, take a trip down to Dinosaur Valley State Park and look upon some of the finest preserved dinosaurs’ fossils in the world!

Another significant historical site in Texas is the Alamo Museum, build on the site of the well-known Battle of Alamo, a pivotal event in Texas war for freedom from Mexico. Visit the museum and improve your knowledge with some essential information about the history of Texas.

Have you ever wondered what it would be to be an astronaut? By going to the Houston Space Center, you have the possibility to have a small bite out of a huge experience. The Space Center organizes tours of only 12 individuals that will get the opportunity to learn all about space, space programs and to encounter a space simulation.

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