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Preventive mediation is an approach based on both information and training regarding the birth and life of conflicts. It is promoted in Canada by the Department of Human Resources and Social Development. The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Servic (FMCS) intervenes and involves trained mediators in order to prevent conflicts. This service develops practices known as the win-win management.


[edit] Purpose

  • To help syndical and parties of employers to improve their working relationships;
  • To facilitate the dialogue between employers and unions.

[edit] Services

[edit] Workshop on Negotiation Techniques

This workshop is a forum for joint training involving the unions and employer’s representatives regarding negotiation. The workshop includes presentations, exercises, simulations of negotiation and group discussions. Presented techniques: brainstorming, consensus decision-making

[edit] Workshop on Effective Committees

This workshop is designed to help employers and unions to set up joint committees or, if they already exist, to relaunch them up. Topics treated: planning and facilitation of meetings, preparation of agenda and official minutes, joint problem resolution, consensus decision-making and communication.

[edit] Workshop on Joint Problem Resolution

This workshop proposes a problem resolution process similar to the negotiation based on interests, but that does not focused on collective negotiation. Knowledge and skills acquired in the framework of this workshop can be used in a variety of situations related to work.

[edit] Workshop on Grievances Settlement

This workshop provides to unions and employers the opportunity to analyze all together their procedure of grievances settlement in order to determine if it still gives satisfaction to their needs. Assisted by a team of mediators, representatives of unions and employers design a workshop adjusted to their unit of negotiation. They meet outside the workplace for an intensive session which can last up to three days.

Their goal is to clearly express, in writing, a program of actions which will enable the improvement of the grievances resolution procedure. This program especially includes a series of activities, common goals and allocation of responsibilities related to specific tasks. A follow up meeting is organized 90 days after the initial meeting in order to discuss the outcomes of the process and make changes if necessary.

[edit] Facilitation Services

In the framework of a joint approach between unions and employers, the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service can provide the services of a mediator who will act as a facilitator available to the parties. May it concern a negotiation process based on interests or the joint research of a solution to a problem in the workplace, the intervention of a neutral third party might increase the chances of success of some joint initiatives.

[edit] Program of Relation by Objectives

This program enables employers and unions to rebuild a relationship that became ineffective or dysfunctional. Representatives of an employer and union meet outside the workplace for an intensive session which can last up to three days. Helped by a team of mediators, they will try to reach agreements regarding the problems that undermine their relationship and to identify several possible solutions. The aim is to clearly express, in writing, a program of actions that will enable the improvement of the relationship.

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