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The reason is not the common sense.

We say that we have five senses. But we are often fooled by the information we perceive. To overcome this point, Nature has given us the reason.

We use our reason to select and order. Despite this, we sometimes think in a wrong way...

And stubborn as we can be, we have called reason the common sense. Could reason be the only sense -the sixth one- that does not deceive us?

Indeed, would it mean that in order to guide us, we would have five bad senses and only one good? Therefore, against all logic and observation, we would have six bad senses and not only five.

Nevertheless, the idea is widespread among many of us that we personally have enough reason not to envy anyone else in this area... René Descartes has extensively treated that subject.

Finally, if all this is just a way of speaking, it will be difficult to all agree.

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