Reasons for Selecting the No Medical Exam Life Insurance Coverage

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When you have not seen their doctor in more than two years, they may not know whether their lab work will be normal or otherwise not. Insurance companies are having people who claim to be the right image of good health, which has not required a doctor's visit for the last several years. If some of these people end up visiting their doctor, they are shocked to find out that they have elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure and a lot more. Hence, securing the no medical exam policy before seeking to apply for the traditional coverage offers the desired peace of mind regardless of what happens with the medical assessment, your loved ones will be covered. To get the best deal you should consider comparing no medical exam life insurance quotes from different companies. The reasons for choosing the no medical exam policy include:

Secure the family's future

Despite of your circumstances or age, choosing a supplemental or new insurance cover can give your family with some financial security. The appropriate plan can help replace your income over the short-term, providing your family time to look for other sources of income. This helps to ensure the lifestyle of your loved ones is maintained even when you are no more to assist their spending. Insurance benefits can also be used to pay your mortgage, everyday living or even rent. Additionally, insurance benefits can be used to deal with other debts that you could have left behind or even medical bills.

Support your parents

Although your parents are financially independent, your passing away can generate some financial shock. When you have a student loan where your parents co-signed on the loan, they are probably relying on you to pay back the loan. On the other hand, the co-signer bears the responsibility of settling the balance. Moreover, if your parent co-signed a car loan or any other loans, they will be held responsible for paying off the balance. Lots of parents wish to fall back on the support given by their successful children when they retire. Therefore, your untimely death could deny them this safety net.

Cater for funeral expenses

No person seems to have their loved ones have the burden of their burial expenses. Thus, you can consider adding a additional insurance policy to cover the final expenses. If you have an employer's sponsored insurance plan, the face value of the policy could be too low to assure comfort, if you take into consideration the needs of your family. Most people obtain an insurance protection when their active policy ends.

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