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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Regional Facilitation and Negotiation Center
  • Country: Romania
  • City: Iasi
  • Type of organization: non-corporate organization
  • Date of creation: 1953
  • Interests: Facilitation – Negotiation - Training
  • Fields of expertise: Human Rights

[edit] Description

[edit] Overview

The Regional Facilitation and Negotiation Centre was set up as an initiative to promote a climate of peace and human rights protection in transition countries.

RFNC facilitates projects and offers to people, nongovernmental organisations and companies:

  • Training,
  • Consultancy,
  • Information,
  • Expertise

. The activities carried out by the Regional Facilitation and Negotiation Centre include training sessions, study visits, conferences, seminars, workshops and implementing pilot projects.

[edit] Vision

The Regional Facilitation and Negotiation Centre acts in order to train the members of the communities in the region and offer them the necessary resources to prevent and resolve conflicts, to respect human rights and find development solutions.

[edit] Mission

The Regional Facilitation and Negotiation Centre has as a mission developing the capacity of individuals, organisations, communities and nations to prevent and solve conflicts and increasing the transparency and responsibility of institutions and organisations in order to ensure the protection of human rights.

To reach this goal, RFNC facilitates and offers training, consultancy, information and expertise.

[edit] Values

“We believe in the team spirit We believe in initiative We believe in diversity … and in joy”

[edit] Strategic Directions

  • Promoting and implementing locally, nationally and regionally, peaceful methods of conflict prevention and resolution;
  • Introducing new solutions for increasing the transparency and accountability of institutions and organisations to better protect human rights;
  • supporting the development of communities by training their members and by facilitating the creation of working groups to become involved in and influence the local decision-making process.

[edit] Contact

Str. Lascar Catargi nr. 42 Iasi, 70050 - Romania

Tel: +40-232-254502

Fax: +40-232-254503


Official Website

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