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During a mediation, the professional mediator can usefully distinguish what, in the nature of the relationship between the parties, may condition or influence the mediation process and its outcome: namely if the parties feel bound because of the duration of their relationship or because of a moral, cultural, contractual, emotional or other obligation.

Therefore, we can identify:

  • 1) Mediations of not lasting relationships
  • 2) Mediations of lasting relationships

In the first case, the parties negotiate. These are professional or business relationships. Interests and issues are the watchwords. The self image can be an important ingredient in power struggle relationships.

In the second case, the emotional aspect prevails. The relational ecology has to be preserved. The family link is often a crucial element of the sustainability of a relationship.

If mom and dad are living more likely in the frame of a stable relationship, Mr. and Mrs. (without children) might not be as much.

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