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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Resolution Systems Institute
  • Country: USA
  • City: Chicago
  • Type of organization: Non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: 1995
  • Interests: Mediation
  • Fields of expertise: Expertise - Development - Research – Training - …

[edit] Description

[edit] Origin

The Executive Committee of Resolution Systems Institute (originally named Center for Analysis of Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems) adopted the organization's original Mission Statement on February 24, 1995. The most recent amendment to it was September 29, 2009. The Statement of Purpose and Organization was adopted on April 22, 1995, and amended March 9, 2010.

[edit] Mission

The RSI mission is to strengthen justice by enhancing court ADR systems through expertise in program development, research and resources. To accomplish this mission, RSI provides a range of information-gathering, clearinghouse, evaluation, analysis and training services.

[edit] Purposes & Objectives

  • The purpose of RSI shall be to act as a support for the development and maintenance of, a researcher regarding, and a resource clearinghouse and archive for information and data regarding ADR systems – specifically and particularly those that are court-annexed, -related, or associated.
  • RSI will carry out its purpose of supporting development and maintenance of quality court ADR by:
  • Providing technical assistance to groups of stakeholders
  • Providing information about the development and maintenance of court ADR through many outlets
  • RSI will carry out its research purpose by:
  • Conducting research, including monitoring and evaluation
  • Assisting courts in conducting their own monitoring and research programs
  • RSI will carry out its clearinghouse purpose by:
  • Identifying academic and other resources available and necessary or useful in the evaluative process
  • Facilitating the process whereby users of resources of the type contemplated may efficiently and successfully employ such resources
  • Archivally preserving the results of its projects (including measures needed to attain them such as methodologies, computer programs, survey instruments, instructions, etc.) as well as similar information developed by others for use by academicians, court administrators, and others evaluating other court ADR programs
  • Disseminating project results both rapidly (in a focused, practical manner) and in a more fully-developed, high-quality academic mode of presentation
  • More generally, RSI will fulfill its purposes by:
  • Aiding in the search for funding projects such as above from governmental, not-for-profit, corporate, legal or other sources
  • Aiding in communication among those involved with court ADR

[edit] Activities

RSI’s activities in pursuit of its mission include:

  • Conducting evaluations, studies and other analyses of court-related ADR practice, results and policy, as well as
  • Identifying and supplying available resources necessary or useful in the evaluation process;
  • Working cooperatively with the judiciary in facilitating the evaluation process to ensure its integrity, effectiveness and applicability to development of best practices; and
  • Identifying possible funding sources for evaluations and assisting in cultivating their interest.
  • Providing access to information and evaluation of court-related ADR by:
  • Disseminating conclusions or project results in a timely, focused, practical manner;
  • Maintaining a web site to function as a clearinghouse and repository; and
  • Providing information to assist court personnel considering new or expanded ADR programs.
  • Gathering judicial, academic, professional and governmental leaders to:
  • Participate in seminars and training sessions on court-related ADR; and
  • Establish informal networks of interested leaders and practitioners.

To assist courts in making more effective and efficient use of alternative methods of resolving disputes, RSI conducts independent research, sets up monitoring systems, evaluates programs, disseminates reliable information, provides assistance developing programs, and conducts outreach activities:

  • Research Projects
  • Program Evaluation
  • Program Development
  • Statewide Mediation Access Project

[edit] Contact

11 E. Adams St. Suite 500 Chicago, IL 60603- USA

Tel: 312-922-6475 x924

Fax: 312-922-6463


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