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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Resolution Washington
  • Country: USA
  • City: Washington
  • Type of organization: Non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: 1999
  • Interests: Mediation - Training
  • Fields of expertise: property claims, landlord / tenant disputes, consumer / merchant issues, employment cases and commercial Disputes

[edit] Description

The Mediation and Settlement Center (formerly Coastal Dispute Resolution Center) was incorporated in early 1999 to provide quality conflict resolution and training services to Pacific and Grays Harbor counties. Most of its 2001 mediations were through the Small Claims Court, but another large share of the cases were family cases such as dissolution. The center also mediated cases involving property claims, landlord / tenant disputes, consumer / merchant issues, employment cases and commercial conflicts.

Almost any case can be successfully mediated. Conflicts in life are many and no two conflicts are alike. A partial list of case types is listed below:

  • Dissolution (aka Divorce)
  • Parenting Plan and Parenting Plan Modifications
  • Primary Residential Parent status issues (known as “custody” in other states)
  • Issues associated with transitioning families
  • Asset and debt division
  • Small claims cases
  • Elder care issues
  • Landlord / Tenant
  • Neighborhood
  • Land use
  • Merchant / Consumer
  • Contractor / Client
  • Bankruptcy
  • Real estate
  • “Lemon Law” claims
  • Workplace problems
  • Board of Directors conflicts
  • Corporate conflict
  • Crime victim / Offender cases
  • Restitution
  • Lawsuits
  • Organizational conflicts
  • School disputes
  • Government agencies / Client
  • Employment issues
  • Union issues

Resolution Washington is a state-wide association of Dispute Resolution Centers (DRCs). There are currently 20 Dispute Resolution Centers operating in the cities and counties of Washington State, with a coverage area of approximately 93% of all Washington residents. These DRCs provide low-cost and effective conflict resolution services, including mediation, facilitation, and training to individuals or organization in their communities.

For the last 20 years, Resolution Washington has provided to directors of all these centers the opportunity to meet quarterly to share ideas about improving the management of their organizations, to establish statewide policies, and to advocate for mediation at the state level.

DRCs typically have a small paid administrative staff. The majority of services are provided by skilled, dedicated volunteers. Our funding sources are the courts, government grants, donations, and fees for service. The effectiveness of mediation is clear: 70% of DRC cases are successfully settled.

Law specifically authorizes DRCs in Washington State:

  • To stimulate the development and use of centers as an alternative to the courts on certain issues;
  • To encourage community participation in local programs;
  • To develop structures which can serve as models for other centers;
  • To resolve disputes within the community; and
  • To educate the community about dispute resolution and prevention.

Mediation through a DRC offers the fastest, easiest, cheapest, safest and most effective means of settling disputes available today. In 2007, Resolution Washington member centers served more than 66,137 Washington residents, mediated 5,535 cases, provided training to 4,546 people, and had 1,098 volunteers who together provided 41,228 hours of service.

Members of Resolution Washington provided a wide variety of services to the residents of our state. For example our small claims mediation program saves our courts hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. And people who use our services truly appreciate our work, in exit surveys 90% of them said they would recommend mediation to others. Increasingly, local, state and federal courts are turning to our DRCs because we provide an effective alternative to more adversarial dispute resolution processes.

[edit] Dispute Resolution Centers

  • Northwest Mediation Center
  • Fulcrum Institute Dispute Resolution Center: The Fulcrum Institute Dispute Resolution Clinic has been providing mediation training and mediation services since its inception in September 1993. Mediation services are provided in the areas of Small Claims, employment matters, neighborhood disputes, property distribution and residential schedules, landlord/tenant, USDA and USPS.
  • Neutral Ground - Walla Walla: Neutral Ground has offered mediation services to the Walla Wall area since 1978. Mediating the entire range of cases, including dissolution, real estate, landlord - tenant, merchant - customer, employer - employee, and some criminal matters.
  • Benton Franklin Dispute Resolution Center: Benton Franklin Dispute Resolution Center opened its doors in early 1999 serving the residents of Benton and Franklin counties. The Center works closely with the courts, and is the designated mediation provider for dissolution cases. We provide mediation for all kinds of disputes, including Victim/Offender, Parent/Teen, neighbor to neighbor, business, and workplace conflict. In addition, we provide conflict management training for companies and organizations. The Center has 38 certified mediators, and has mediated of 1800 cases since its inception, with 80% of cases resulting in successful resolution.
  • Columbia Basin DRC
  • Okanogan County Dispute Resolution Center: The Okanogan County Dispute Resolution Center was started in 1992 and focuses mainly on family law issues. Our mission is "to provide voluntary confidential mediation to individuals, organizations and communities. The DRC serves as an alternative or compliment to the judicial system, provides professional training in mediation and conflict resolution, and promotes the vital importance of peacefully resolving disputes.
  • Wenatchee Valley Dispute Resolution Center
  • Dispute Resolution Center of Yakima and Kittitas Counties: The DRC of Yakima and Kittitas Counties has been providing mediation, conflict resolution and training services since 1993. Through mediation services, we help parents develop and revise parenting plans and help families work though conflicts between parents and teens. We help families make elder care decisions as well as resolve probate and trust matters. Other key service areas are mediation of small claims cases, employment matters, neighborhood problems, and landlord / tenant disputes. We provide conflict resolution workshops as well as mediation training. Services are available in English and Spanish.
  • Six Rivers Community Mediation Services
  • Community Mediation Services: Community Mediation Services (“CMS”) provides Clark County residents with an informal private way to improve communications and resolve disagreements through its Neighborhood, Landlord Tenant and Court Mediation programs. The Neighborhood Mediation program encourages neighbors to work together to solve problems. The Landlord Tenant Mediation program is designed to assist residential landlords and tenants prior to filing claims in court. Both programs are free to Clark County residents and can be accessed program directly without a referral. The Court Mediation program is a partnership with the Clark County District Court. Participants can access this program by filing a small claims case in Clark County District Court. CMS also provides conflict resolution trainings to community members.
  • Community Mediation Center of Lewis County: The DRC of Lewis County was formed in 1993. It provides alternative dispute resolution services such as mediation, telephone conciliation, problem solving, information, and referral services along with mediator and conflict resolution training.
  • Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County: The DRC of Thurston County provides a cost effective and efficient alternative to the courts and law enforcement. With over 80 active community volunteers, we mediate over 300 disputes and train over 500 community members in conflict resolution skill building annually. Last year the Center handled 309 mediation cases, with a settlement rate of 81%.
  • Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution
  • Dispute Resolution Center of Kitsap County: The DRC of Kitsap County has five different programs serving the residents of Kitsap County: community mediation, victim / offender mediation, mental health ombudsmen, youth and schools services, and training services. About 75% of the cases involve children at some level, with the remainder of cases including employment, divorce, neighbor / neighbor, landlord / tenant, property and consumer / merchant disputes. The DRC of Kitsap County has over 50 mediators available.
  • Dispute Resolution Center of King County: The Dispute Resolution Center of King County (DRC) provides low-cost conflict resolution, mediation services and training to the King County community. The DRC is a community mediation center that trains professional mediators who then provide the direct services. Services include conflict coaching, mediation, facilitation, facilitated conversations, telephone conciliation, mediation at small claims court and group processes. Our 85 mediators can provide assistance with family dissolution, parenting plans, neighbor difficulties, business issues, intra-family conflict, workplace problems, landlord-tenant issues and cross-cultural disputes. Our DRC uses a facilitative, interest-based approach.
  • Bellevue Neighborhood Mediation Program: This program is somewhat unique in that is it city-based instead of county-based. The City of Bellevue has established a commitment to working toward peaceful communities through the funding of the Bellevue Neighborhood Mediation Program. As such, much of their work is with neighbors and families, not with the courts and marriage dissolution. They work closely with several organizations, including the Bellevue schools.
  • DRC of Island and Snohomish Counties: The DRC of Island and Snohomish Counties is the oldest DRC in Washington, having offered mediation services since 1982. The mission of the DRC is to provide quality dispute resolution services and education to all members of the community. The Center promotes, teaches and encourages the use of conflict resolution principles in many settings. Services include: information and referral, conciliation, mediation, arbitration, training programs, practicum internships and consultation services.
  • Skagit County Mediation Services: Skagit County Mediation & Facilitation Services, a county government department, has been serving the residents of Skagit County for over 7 years. We provide individualized information, conflict coaching and referral services as well as case development leading to mediation or group facilitation sessions. Types of cases include Small Claims Court, parent/teen and intra-family, landlord-tenant, neighborhood, consumer-merchant, employment and other civil disputes. In addition, we provide conflict resolution training to community members and groups.
  • Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center
  • Peninsula Dispute Resolution Center: Providing mediation, conflict management and training services for all Clallam and Jefferson county residents.
  • Mediation and Settlement Center (Pacific and Grays Harbor Counties)

[edit] Contact

Tel: (509) 838-2799


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