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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Rhode Island Mediators Association
  • Country: USA
  • City: State of Rhode Island
  • Type of organization: Non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: -
  • Interests: Mediation - Training
  • Fields of expertise: All types of Disputes

[edit] Description

The RI Mediators Association is a non-profit association dedicated to serving and supporting Rhode Island Mediators. RIM is committed to providing a forum for Mediators and an opportunity for interested parties seeking to locate practicing Mediators in the State of Rhode Island.

Mediators are invited to join RIM. Members may choose to be listed on the Directory page of their website.

The general public is encouraged to use the RI Mediators Association website to learn more about Mediation and to access the Directory to locate Mediators practicing in Rhode Island.

[edit] Vision

  • An ongoing conversation within the community of Mediators in the State of Rhode Island.
  • A growing awareness of Mediation as a powerful and satisfying approach that has the potential for resolving any conflict.
  • An ever expanding use of Mediation to resolve conflicts in all areas of life.

[edit] Mission

The Rhode Island Mediators Association mission is to promote mediation as a profession and as a form of dispute resolution in Rhode Island, to advance the field of mediation towards clearer and higher standards of ethics and accountability, and to promote education and training in mediation.

Mediation is designed to help parties resolve issues without having to involve a court in the decision-making process. It can save time and money.

Mediation is becoming increasingly popular as a method for resolving disputes. In addition to saving money, time, and stress, it allows parties' to fashion their own solutions.

Mediation sessions can be scheduled at the parties' convenience. Research indicates that Mediation is a cheaper, faster, and less adversarial way to approach conflict than court intervention. Most parties report high satisfaction with the process.

Basically, a trained Mediator (or co-Mediation Team) acts as an impartial third party and assists in reaching resolution on relevant issues. The Mediator serves as a communicator, referee, and problem solver, working to balance all parties' interests and to assist them in reaching fair decisions.

The Mediators listed on this website have not been subjected to a certification process by the Rhode Island Mediators Association. The Mediators listed have expressed an interest in providing Mediation services and in furthering Mediation in the State of Rhode Island. Rhode Island Mediators Association encourages any interested parties to research and contact the Mediators listed on their site to determine the services that would best meet their needs.

[edit] Contact

9 Juniper Court Bristol, RI 02809 - USA

Tel: (401) 253-2458

Email: info@RIMediators.org

Official Website

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