Scottish Council for International Arbitration (SCIA)

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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Scottish Council for International Arbitration (SCIA)
  • Country: Scotland
  • City: Edinburg
  • Type of organization: Non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: -
  • Interests: Arbitration - ADR
  • Fields of expertise: International Commercial Disputes

[edit] Overview

Delivering arbitration and dispute resolution on a world class scale

SCIA is an independent body committed to the promotion of arbitration as a method of dispute resolution and to the development of Scotland as a base for international arbitrations. SCIA will provide advice and information about how to undertake an arbitration in Scotland, what advantages can be had by doing so and details about facilities that are available. If required, details about available arbitrators in different fields can be provided along with information about nominating bodies.

The membership of SCIA is drawn from a wide range of arbitration and legal skills representing the diversity of talent and experience available.

[edit] Scotland - International Centre for Arbitration

Increasingly, arbitration is recognised as the most effective method of solving commercial disputes, especially those of an international dimension. It can achieve equitable solutions more quickly than litigation, and at less cost; it allows parties to adopt whatever procedure they choose for the resolution of differences; it enables parties to decide where disputes shall be heard.

Within Scotland, within the United Kingdom, within Europe and around the World Scotland offers both the resources and a venue for Arbitrations and dispute resolution procedures.

With a sophisticated and internationally respected legal system, Scotland is a signatory to the UNCITRAL arbitration rules, allowing arbitral awards to be enforced by the Courts in over 125 countries and throughout the European Union.

The Scots have long been aware of the advantages of arbitration. Scots Low has always acknowledged its value as a method of resolving disputes, and more recently has extended tradition by the statutory adoption of the Model Law for international commercial arbitration, agreed by UNCITRAL. It is not tradition alone however, which makes Scotland a compelling choice for the conduct of international arbitration

The country is excellently placed geographically. Part of Europe, yet linguistically linked to North America - and that language, English, being the language of international business. Within easy reach of each continent, and effectively creating a 'bridge' between the codified legal systems of Europe and the common law systems of North America. Moreover, Scots have always been International in outlook, and are known and respected world-wide for their acumen, fairness and professionalism

Scotland offers substantial legal and business expertise - embracing all areas of comparative low, and of commercial/industrial practice - and makes this available to disputants through the Scottish Council for International Arbitration. The latter is also in a position to assist with all aspects of any arbitrable dispute.

Finally there are the attractions of the country itself. 'The most beautiful upon Earth" sing the poets. Certainly, the landscape of Scotland Is magnificent and offers the visitor the very best of hospitality and recreational facilities. More than this, the Scots qualities of Independence and detachment, of business integrity and commercial soundness, guarantee disputants the very best forum within which to arbitrate.

[edit] Contact

Albany House, 58 Albany Street, Edinburg, EH1 3QR – Scotland

Tel: (44) 0131 557 1545

Fax: (44) 0131 525 8651


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