September 1st - CPMN and IEPG in Canada for partnerships development

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From September 1st to 10th, members of the Chambre Professionnelle de la Médiation et de la Négociation (CPMN) and the Institut d'Etudes Politiques (IEP) of Grenoble are present in Canada to meet the main experts in the field of conflict resolution, mediation, arbitration and quality of life at workplace.

The representatives are composed by:

  • Christophe de MEEUS, Professional Mediator and General Secretary of the CPMN;
  • Thomas LOP VIP, Professional Mediator and Developer of the English version of the Wikimediation;
  • Laurent LABROT, Social Dialogue Expert and teacher at the IEPG;
  • Marie-Bénédicte LESCANNE, trainee of the IEPG for the CPMN;
  • Kathleen de MEEUS, trainee of IEP Lyon for CDM Ressources.

During these 10 days they will meet:

These meetings aim at developing partnerships with these organizations, especially regarding contributions for the Wikimediation. Following each meeting, an article will be published on the Mediatoroscope (News of the Wikimediation).

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