September 2nd - The CPMN welcomed by the ADR Institute of Canada/Ontario in Toronto

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On Thursday, September 2nd, members of the CPMN (Christophe de MEEÛS and Thomas LOP VIP) and the IEPG (Marie-Bénédicte LESCANNE) met in Toronto the Executive Director Mary Anne HARNICK and the President Joyce YOUNG of the ADR Institute of Canada/Ontario. This meeting have been an opportune time to share about their respective practices.

The ADR Institute of Canada is composed by 1700 members through Canada and is organized in 7 affiliates; each of them is independent but shares the same vision and goals. Its main purpose is to promote mediation, qualify mediators and arbitrators, represent their interests in one common voice and coordinate global actions. Mary Anne HARNICK and Joyce YOUNG explained they have established two levels of qualification of mediators in their institution -the Qualified Mediators and the Chartered Mediators-, attributed according to the last of formation and practice. In the meantime, the members of the CPMN have presented their organization, methodology and vision regarding mediation.

One of the goals of this meeting was to present the platform of information “Wikimediation”, especially its English version. The proposal of the CPMN to contribute to the development of this tool has been appreciated by the Institute of Canada which is willing to contribute, especially by inviting its network of 1700 members to discover this online encyclopaedia all about mediation and be a part of its development.

The Wikimediation news (Médiatoroscope) has also raised the interest of the Institute of Canada that would consider relevant the idea to develop an English version.

The representatives of these organizations have finally looked for possible implementations of future partnerships that could be interventions during conferences, formation sessions...

To conclude, this positive first meeting might lead to a constructive and interesting partnership.

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