September 7th - The CPMN and the IEPG meet the CLIPP of Montreal

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Gilles DUPUIS, Scientific Director, and Ginette LEVESQUE, Project Director, of the Center for Liaison on Intervention and Prevention in the Psychosocial area (CLIPP) of Montreal have welcomed on Tuesday, September 7th the representatives of the CPMN and the IEP Grenoble.

The CLIPP brings together 5 types of Psychosocial Expertise in only one roof:

  • Research Information
  • Liaison
  • Knowledges Acquisition and Transfer
  • Analysis and Evaluation
  • Training for Future Professionals

Within this framework, the CLIPP has developed a relevant and scientifically validated tool: the Quality of Working Life Systemic Inventory© (QWLSI©). The QWLSI© enables a detailed analysis through 34 fields of life (Participation in the decisions; welfare benefits…). It is based on the variation that separates the current situation from a desired situation, therefore taking into account the goals of each concerned person. The final outcome is a report made up of ten graphs which clearly emphasize the positive points, those to improve and those requiring a professional intervention.

This diagnostic tool deeply interests the CPMN within the context of the development of the Framework Contract Ethics and Mediation®. The FCEM® is a tool of accompaniment for companies and communities which proceeds in 5 steps:

  • Initiation of the Project
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Diagnosis
  • Assessment and Recommendations, Development of a Plan of Actions
  • Internal Launch of the Contract (FCEM®)
  • Implementation of the Plan of Actions and Follow-up

The QWLSI© could be used during the step of diagnosis of the FCEM®. It will be coupled with individual interviews led by professional mediators of the CPMN.

This is with a reciprocal enthusiasm these partners have met and developed the foundations of a relevant and profitable collaboration.

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