September 8th - the IMAQ and the CPMN pursue their dialog in Montreal

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After the meeting in Lausanne with Jean-Louis LASCOUX, President of the CPMN, and Jean MAROIS, President at that time of the IMAQ; and after the intervention of Denis GAUTHIER from the IMAQ during the Scientific Conference on March 2009 in France, the CPMN has pursued its discussions with the Institute of Mediation and Arbitration of Quebec (IMAQ).

The CPMN, represented by Christophe of MEEÛS and Thomas LOP VIP, has been cordially invited by Serge PISAPIA, President of the IMAQ, Thierry BERIAULT, Vice-president of the IMAQ, Jean MAROIS and Marie Josée BRUNELLE, representative in Montreal of the ADR Institute of Canada.

These representatives have exchanged about their respective organizations, functioning processes, activities and projects. Many similarities have been observed, therefore strengthening the will to collaborate and develop partnerships. The IMAQ finds particularly relevant to contribute to the WikiMediation by inserting articles (analyzes of mediation, methodology, events, training sessions…) and by diffusing a large communication to all its members.

The will to collaborate on projects regarding mediation development in the business framework has kept a special attention; it could be conceived through exchanges like videoconferences in order for each of these organizations to learn from their respective practices.

The CPMN projects to communicate complementary details regarding specific projects before the Administrative Board of the IMAQ on October 8th to enable Thierry BERIAULT and Serge PISAPIA to forward to theirs Committees the possible works that could be implemented. During its Annual Meeting on October 16th, the CPMN will evoke the actions to be realized in collaboration with the IMAQ. Thierry BERIAULT considers it is relevant to keep meeting physically as soon as the opportunity arises (like during travels to Belgium, France or Canada).

The interest of this link between these two organizations has been clearly expressed by all the present representatives and must be confirmed by concrete actions.

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