September 9th - Meeting between the CPMN, IEP Grenoble and HEC Montreal

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Thursday, September 9th, the members of the CPMN (Christophe de Meeûs and Thomas Lop Vip) and IEP Grenoble met Jean Poitras, psychologist and professor at the High Business school (HEC) of Montreal.

After the presentation of the CPMN, the WikiMédiation and the Framework Contract Ethics and Mediation®, the debates have treated about the marketing and commercial aspect of mediation. Jean Poitras has presented his Canadian approach and noticed the difficulty “to sell mediation” to contractors. Because the term “conflict” has a negative connotation, he presents the mediation like “a lever of investment for a better co-operation”.

It has been underlined that the approach “Investing in quality of life at work” of the Framework Contract Ethics and Mediation® lies in this marketing approach.

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