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General Information

  • Official name: Six Rivers Community Mediation Services
  • Country: USA
  • City: The Dalles
  • Type of organization: Non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: -
  • Interests: Mediation - Facilitation
  • Fields of expertise: Family, Landlord-tenant, Neighborhood, Business & Workplace Disputes


“We help people solve problems and resolve conflict. We provide trained mediators to create positive conversations and a safe environment for settling disputes.

We help people find the best answers to life's problems in the most difficult situations.

We believe that the people living with the situation are the ones with the keys to knowing what it takes to make things better."

Individuals call Six Rivers Community Mediation Services to request services for all kinds of conflicts including family, landlord-tenant, neighborhood, business conflicts, and workplace.

Six Rivers Community Mediation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) community dispute resolution program which provides conflict resolution through mediation, facilitation and education programs for everyday people.

Neighbor to Neighbor Disputes

Disputes revolving around relationships between people who have a common or shared interest; typically neighbors, friends or relatives.

Consumers & Merchants Disputes

Cases involving a conflict between a consumer and a business.

Six Rivers Community Mediation Services can help to provide distinguished customer service. Its mediators will help all parties involved express their concerns and work out a mutually beneficial resolution. The results save money, time and customer relations.


Rental agreements, construction projects, remodeling, repairs, roommate situations, shared bills, cleaning habits many situations can lead to conflict: from the foundation to the roof over your head, Six Rivers Community Mediation Services can help a party work out a conflict with a landlord, tenant or contractor.

Volunteering and Training

Mediation is a powerful technique that has the potential to become contagious.

In fact, research from Community Dispute Resolution Programs throughout the state have found that 85% of cases that come to mediation are resolved to the "mutual satisfaction of both parties." Six Rivers Community Mediation Services believes that speaks volumes toward the potential for this program and for the potential impact on the community.

The goal of its program is to promote peaceful and effective conflict resolution. The program will focus on resolving such issues as interpersonal neighbor disputes, animal complaints, unregulated property maintenance concerns, general neighborhood conflicts, business to consumer concerns, landlord/tenant issues and general unresolved conflicts. As the program grows, additional programs and services will be thoughtfully considered.

All mediators must complete Basic Mediation Training, consisting of 32 hours training followed by supervised mediation and standard qualifications. If someone has already received training as a mediator, the training requirement may be waived.

Those who apply for training, and qualify, will receive 32 hours of professional training in Mediation and Conflict Resolution skills.

Upon completion of the training a participant will be asked to commit to volunteer up to 60 hours over the course of the next year, roughly 5 hours a month and participate in Six Rivers Community Mediation Services’ Master Mediator Program; its internal certificate and development course.

The 32 hour Basic Mediation training is offered at various other locations throughout the state and by other Community Dispute Resolution Programs. Community Mediation programs are a great place to gain valuable experience and to reap the rewards of bringing a community closer together.

A Six Rivers volunteer will be presented with many opportunities to grow and develop as a mediator through our new Master Mediator Program. This four phase program allows volunteers to gain varying levels of mediation certification and encourages continuous progression with a series of skill development classes, mediation practice groups, mediation observations, and community outreach presentations.

Mediation Practice Groups are a wonderful way to further mediation skills by practicing with other volunteers. During practice groups the participant will be asked to participate in mediation role plays and will not only gain experience in mediation, but will also be presented with opportunities to learn from other volunteers with varying levels of expertise. After the mediation role play is complete, the group will devote time to discussing techniques and methods and their efficacy. Six Rivers Community Mediation Services’ bi-monthly groups will allow a participant to stay current and comfortable in his practice to ensure skilled and experienced mediators for the community.


1113 Kelly Avenue, The Dalles, OR 97058 - USA

Tel: (541) 296-5220

Fax: (541) 298-2084


Official Website

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