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Social mediation is a "process of creation and management of social life".

[edit] Definition

"Social" Mediation is distinguished from the judicial mediation. It has been defined by European experts in Créteil in September 2000 as a mean "to create or restore the social fabric by preventing or resolving conflicts through the intervention of a neutral and [[Independence|independent] third party who guarantees communication between partners".

Through this process, citizens assume the responsibility of resolving their conflicts. By establishing an access device to the right of mediation as a process of creation and repair of social fabric, a process to restore proximity relations and a mean of access to law as a way to amicably resolve disputes, the AFPAD has built a global project and has established a set of actions.

[edit] Field

The field of intervention of the mediation concerns the reports:

  • Between individuals: neighbors, joint owners...
  • Between inhabitants and institutions: family and school...
  • Collective conflictual situations: between residents and a high school, among syndical joint owners, between tenants and landlords or young and inhabitants...

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