Stay Away From The Bottle And Live a Longer Life

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Alcohol is a social drink that is known worldwide. It is a drink that most people take after work to release the stresses of the day. It is also taken during social gatherings and celebrations. Research has proven that when used in moderation, it offers some health benefits but when used in excess, it is hazardous to human health. There are some effects that alcohol has that affects one negatively both in permanently or temporarily.

1.Health issues

Alcohol is among the top predisposing factors to many health issues and diseases. It affects almost all body systems, reducing your level of functionality. Alcohol is also a major predisposing factor to the deadly HIV/AIDS and the many cancers that affect people. It also affects your mental functioning, impairing your ability to make wise judgment calls. For some, it causes permanent psychiatric issues.

2.Unsafe and uncertain behavior

When under the influence of alcohol, most people tend to engage in risky behaviors that result in them getting in problems. Most of the unplanned pregnancies usually occur when people are drunk. Most accidents on the roads are caused by drunk drivers. This can you your life and also bring you legal matters making you hire a drunk driving attorney to defend you in court.

3.Reduced performance

Taking alcohol causes you to reduce your performance level whether in school or at work. The morning after a drinking spree comes with a hangover which cannot allow you go attend school or work. It lowers the ability to understand and concentrate and can make you to lose your job easily.

4.Drug resistance and interaction

Most of the medicines that one takes do not interact well with alcohol. If you are an alcoholic you put yourself a t a high risk of being medicated with so many drugs or high drug dosages to achieve the therapeutic goal. Again some drugs are of no use to an alcoholic as the alcohol in the body does not allow it to produce the desired results.

5.Aggressiveness and death

Most alcoholics are violent. Most often after taking alcohol, one gets false confidence and strength and sees himself as the strongest man around. They end up engaging in fights over simple reasons but these fights can incapacitate most of them and even cause death.

6.Increase in body calories

Alcohol is a calorie rich drink. It increases you calories, which will lead to increase in weight. This will lead to health problems.

Effects of alcoholism may not occur the first time you touch a bottle but with repeated exposure, they will catch up with you. If possible stay away from this social drink that eventually turns you into a stressed up human being.

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